Senin, 22 September 2014

Previewing Colorado Vacant Land For Sale Online

By Karina Frost

While a large number of individuals have moved to Colorado in recent years, not all are looking to stay for the long term. There are others who are looking for Colorado vacant land for sale. Generally, these individuals are looking to either build a custom home, place a tiny house, or, use for agriculture. Whether or not that agriculture may include growing marijuana will most often depend on the location of the land.

Also, depending on the location of the land, owners may or may not be allowed to have outdoor marijuana grows. Whether for personal or professional use in a dispensary or other location, local laws and ordinances often taken precedence over State and Federal laws, at least in the immediate vicinity. All growth, production and sale of marijuana is still illegal under Federal law. However, it appears that Colorado and Washington have made headway in proving the positives when it comes to legalizing cannabis for recreational use.

Regardless of intended use, there are some quite beautiful areas with land available in Colorado. The highest priced areas are going to be the areas around Telluride which is known for movie stars, skiing and a number of festivals held throughout the year including the infamous Telluride Bluegrass Festival. The area is so beautiful that it now takes a lottery to decide whom gets to camp onsite in town rather than having to shuttle to remote camp sites.

Jet setters and those in television and film might find Telluride more enjoyable, those with a heighten sense of natural beauty might prefer Ouray. Other areas of Colorado which are remarkable and in which there is often a great deal of land available is in and around Red Rocks Amphitheater and the town of Morrison.

The recent legalization of cannabis has also created an increase in property values on business, home, and retirement real estate. In fact, some of the most expensive land anywhere can be found in the State. With that being said, there are also areas in which there are great deals on land and real estate.

This rise in real estate is both good and bad. Of course, even with the higher prices in most areas, it is expected values will only increase over the coming years. So, while prices may be a bit higher than desired, it may just be the best time to purchase a slice of, what many residents and visitors alike, feel is as close to heaven as one can get while on earth.

Although, before placing a down payment, it is always advisable to check property tax rates and building codes. If not, then individuals may end up owning property which does not provide for any intended usage. Whereas, individuals can easily assure the purchased land can provide for any agricultural projects or structures whether installed now or in the future by checking any and all local building codes and ordinances before finalizing a sale.

When planning on building a custom home, installing a pre-fabricated or mobile home, or building or moving a tiny house onto the property, it is essential to check local building codes and ordinances. In many areas, any home off wheels is considered a fixed structure. If not, and a notice is sent, received and ignored, then the State often has the right of eminent domain to take the property along with any and all structures residing on same.

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